Thursday, May 13, 2010

Update: Study Guide to help you memorize all of the Cognitive biases!

Cognitive Biases - A Visual Study Guide

You Can Download The PDF Here.

Hello Everyone,

A big thank you for all the interest in this study guide. It was originally created as a fun introduction that took the Cognitive Bias wiki and tried to make it easier to memorize.

However, the authors of the wiki article have expressed some concern over the accuracy of certain entries. The document was taken down until that could be corrected.

But, people started asking that I release a new version with a warning. In response, a new "Beta version" of the document has been uploaded with a very strong warning label up front and improved citations. I made it really clear that all the text is based on an evolving wiki page and that some of the cognitive biases in there might be incorrect wiki entries. My hope is that this will continue to get people interested in pitching in to help fix the Cognitive Bias wiki pages. :) When the wiki is in a good place, I will take the document out of Beta, and will remove the warning label.

If you are a cognitive expert, join “Operation Fix The Cognitive Bias Wiki!” Add your suggestion to the conversation here:


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Alex Bogusky's Mirren Keynote Video

Here Mr. Bogusky explains Crispin's philosophy and strategic foundation. He makes some great points about key shifts that continue to take place in our industry and sheds some light on the behind the scenes thinking that helped Crispin become so successful. Enjoy!

Here's The presentation:

And, here are some redesigned slides with Alex's comments added:

Friday, November 6, 2009

Download the ARF 2009 David Ogilvy Award winning case studies

The ARF 2009 David Ogilvy Awards Winners
In March 2009, ARF announced the 2009 Winners of The ARF David Ogilvy Awards sponsored by Microsoft Advertising.

You can download all of the case studies here:

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Kenji Summer has created --> Planners who Wave!

For all of you with Google Wave accounts, Kenji Summer ( has created a great Wave just for planners! Join up HERE.
Thanks Kenji!

For those that don't have invites yet, I'll help people out as soon as I get some!